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Rohana Holiday

Rohana is a contemporary jeweller and object maker based in Geelong, Australia.

She enjoys all of the hidden treasures that the Earth has to offer;
An Insect. The impossible beauty of native orchids. An interesting twig. A spider’s web covered in dew. The tiniest toadstool. The golden hour just before dusk. Finding lost treasures.

These are just a few of the wonders that fill her mind and she hand crafts delicate, one of a kind, pieces of jewellery. Constantly striving to create adornments to match the beauty she sees in the world. Each piece is an evolution of the last, a never ending chain of charms.

Rohana’s work focuses on form, texture and imagery. She enjoy looking into the symbolism of the creatures and plants she uses for inspiration, as well as using objects she finds on her adventures. Her work often includes a subtle sense of humour and an enjoyment of the unexpected.